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Fallas – The Ninot

Fallas – The Ninot

Without a doubt, the Ninots are the real stars of the Fallas. The Ninots are wooden creations of huge size (the largest one in history was 32 meters tall) that represent a particular scene or character.

The themes represented in the Ninots are very diverse, so every neighborhood association of the Fallas must show creativeness, originality and inventiveness in their representations. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see sarcastic figures that criticize a particular aspect of society. Nevertheless, there are also many Ninots that pay tribute to leaders and historical characters the people of  Valencia are proud of.

The sarcasm is a traditional point of Fallas

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Whatever their themes, the Ninots always impress tourists during the Fallas due to both their size and their beauty. The vivid colors of the figures are worth admiring, and the treatment given to all characters will not disappoint you. Sardonic representations caricature the character, whereas the Ninots that pay tribute to someone are more realistic. However, whatever their intentions are, all Ninots have the same fate: Burn to ashes in the Fallas during the Nit del Foc (literally “the fire night”). Only the best Ninot will be spared.

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